I got my layout wired and starter cleaning up my subpar soldering and I have broke a switch point of an Atlas Code 80 Customline #6, I am really questioning my decision to use Atlas switches…might bight the bullet and go all Peco… On the bright side, I got one […]

One step forward and two steps back

Man, it feels great to be building something again, and this going to be an interesting little switcher. I figure that this section will be a 30 minute section to switch.

Almost all track is laid

I have spent a bit of time with three Micro-Trains and Kay-Dee 40 foot box cars to make sure that they track well. I have also been playing around with structures, and I see the need to add an S curve. The track in front of the green structure is […]

Trackwork is doing well…

Yeah, I know, I have not done much with Playa Desnuda lately, but I think that I am going to build the first section, it can be used for either a room layout or a 12’x12′ shelf layout, either way, the desire to start building is getting strong…Here is what […]

I’m Not Dead Yet