For many years, I have wanted to build a small, classic roundy round layout, and now, I have the switches on order. I have decided to build an N Scale version of the Turtle Creek, down to the ultra tight, nine inch radius radius PECO switches, and tight turns. The […]

Coming Soon! Arroyo Tortuga!

The Pacific Electric had a fleet of Hart Convertible Gondolas that were built by American Car and Foundry in 1911. These cars were able to be configured into a gondola or a hopper by moving the bulkheads and lifting up the floor. This allowed them to be used as a […]

N Scale Kits Hart Convertible Gondolas

The mail lady was good to me today. She delivered a package from N Scale kits containing a pair of Pacific Electric Hart Convertible Gondolas and a package from Washington State with a 1974 Kadee Pacific Electric boxcar! Soon, it will be time to bust out the files and start […]

Mail Call!

I am starting to learn how much flexibility that the new yard truly is, and I still need to add the staging track and replace a switch that will not hold gauge. It really has even more potential that I haven’t fully discovered. The crossover in the yard and the […]

Learning more…

Shot a crappy, poorly edited cell phone video this morning. It’s fun playing engineer, conductor and cameraman all at the same time.


I have completed the windows, added some VERY thick decals from K4 Decals… Decal softener is my friend…..still have to add the grab irons…

The work continues