About to open up a bar…

Playa Desnuda is that beach city that happens to be on the wrong side of the tracks. It really needs a dive bar, and I an going to help out the town.

I am thinking about naming it Vardi’s, in honor of Chandler’s Phillip Marlowe. In Marlowe’s debut novel, The Big Sleep, he drank (a lot) at Vardi’s. Unless someone can give me a better name..besides, The Big Sleep is one of my favorite movies.

Working on the Casa Grande speeder shed

Early in the month, I took pictures and measurements of the Casa Grande Southern Pacific speeder shed. I had a fresh sheet of 0.040″ styrene, some leftovers of metal roofing from the D’Amato Lumber project, and a small piece of freight car siding.

The three sides are plain styrene, the front is a combination of the freight car siding and plain styrene. I am using five Grandt Line windows, and the door is made out of more freight car siding. The siding is horizontal, and the door planks are vertical.