I realized that I was about 35 miles away from the Apache Railway, an all ALCO short line. I have wanted to shoot it. Drove out to the middle of nowhere and I came across the sign, turned on to their road and got to a locked gate half a […]

on vacation in the White Mountains

August 13, 1965, the Pacific Electric merged into the Southern Pacific Railroad

54 years ago today

And due to track work on other lines, the Southern Pacific ran a few freights through Playa Desnuda. It was a rare treat to see an old U30C in the consist. They would all be gone by 1985

It’s 1970something….

The wife is on a 5 day trip to California, and with Playa Desnuda being set in the 1950’s, it feels odd to run my Southern Pacific locos on it. I looked at my “scrap” lumber and track, and decided to build a small four foot long layout especially for […]

When the wife’s away…