And Playa Desnuda is not the nice, bustling beach city that it once was. The area has become the slum of the future. Who would have guessed that the Crud would be the cleanest thing in this picture.

It’s 1980 Something….

April 9, 1961, the MTA closed the chapter of interurban passenger service in Southern California. Today saw the return of interurban passenger service…in my garage. Looks like I need to do a little bit more track cleaning!

58 years ago today

After quite a few months of not having a layout, I built a shelf out of a broken dresser’s drawers. Ironically, it’s the same dresser that I used for the layout top…. I am 6’5″…I am thinking about building a railroad passenger car style step stool for visitors.

Time to start having fun again!

For the last last few years I have been working on my layout, but with much regerts, I have to take my layout down. My HOA company recently changed and they are going to be enforcing the no street parking rule that has been on the  books, yet not enforced […]

Farewell Playa Desnuda