As you may have seen in my last blog entry, Play Desnuda it coming to an end. As of now, all of the buildings, locos, freight cars and details have been put away, and only track exists…for now. Above is the first true work in progress track plan of Playa […]

Playa Desnuda 2.0…the adventure begins.

I have been kicking around the idea of scrapping the current layout, and starting over with a mostly new plan. As of right now, the Washington Street yard and the interchange is all that I plan on keeping, but on a new layout and shifted further forward to allow for […]

Rest in Peace Play Desnuda*

I am just going to be blunt, and honest, I have grown bored with Play Desnuda in it’s current configuration. A few months bask, I got to operate Rick Watson’s Exeter branch, That operating session helped rekindle my desire to run my railroad, but I realize that Play Desnuda needs […]

My First Post in a While…