Just like my obsession with the freight station that started me down the path of modeling the Pacific Electric in N Scale, the Pacific Electric interlocking towers got stuck in my mind. Unfortunately, there isn’t a kit in N Scale that matches the prototype.  Fortunately, there are plans for a […]

Scratch built N Scale interlocking tower

I was working on a plan to scratch build a Pacific Electric passenger shelter in N Scale for Playa Desnuda. About two weeks ago,  I complained about the size of the lumber/plastic needed to build one, and the next thing I knew, it was available on Shapeways  and while it […]

Pacific Electric passenger shelter stand in

I have had a Bachmann Spectrum 2-8-0 since the first run, and was at one point going to make it a Pacific Coast Railway loco. The Pacific Electric would lease steamers all the time from their parent road, the Southern Pacific. The PE also owned a handful of 0-6-0’s, and […]

To Foob or not to Foob….

I have decided that the citizens of Playa Desnuda need a passenger shelter, and was guided to this structure. I am thinking about using a friend’s Cricut machine to make the end and center supports out of .020″ styrene. The first image is from pacificelectric.org and the second is from […]

Looking at another scratch build

The dispatcher really messed up this afternoon, sending 1445 to the freight station and 1011 to D’Amato Lumber to pick up cars as 1124 was running through town….

The Playa Desnuda Branch was busy today