I was originally planning on naming it Petty Crate and Barrel, in memory of Bruce Petty who recently passed away. His modeling of the Southern Pacific through the San Fernando Valley was influential to me. His close friend Joe D’Amato informed me that naming a model after him made Bruce […]

Almost Finished with the Period Miniatures build

I have shared this build on multiple forums, and all of them have had people tell me the same thing, wood kits need additional bracing. I looked in the kit and realized that I didn’t see any extra lumber. A few nights ago at work, I looked over at the […]

Interior bracing…

I wound up removing the end wall with windows, and the upper long wall.I trimmed a little bit off of the end wall and glued them back together, made sure it lined up, and I am much happier with the appearance. While trimming the holes for the upper windows on […]

It’s Square!!!

These thin walls are a &%*$# to work with, but it is coming along. I decided to build it without the tank and extend the roof to the full length of the main building.


I think that I need Love Potion no. 9. Working with this old Period Miniatures kit has been a challenge for me. I am going to need to do some creative bracing on the inside. The wood was a lot more brittle and dryer than I was expecting. Since I […]

It Smelled Like Turpentine, it Looked Like India Ink

I would like to thank Volkmar of https://interurbanmodels.blogspot.com/ for using his 3d printer for making N Scale trolley poles! These are articulated and both can be up or down! They are very affordable and installation was very simple. Simply put a 1mm (or for us stupid Americans who still use […]

A different type of pole…