I did a very sloppy coat of paint to see how far off she is, I now need Archer rivets and Micro Scale decals….and a real paint job

The Bachmann is getting closer

Over a year ago, I decided to try to make my Bachmann 2-8-0 look more like my Oriental Limited C-9, and quite frankly, there are a lot of little changes… As you can see from the above picture, the Bachmann (below) is larger, the sand dome is in the wrong […]

Finally getting back to the Bachmann 2-8-0

Part of being a model railroader is the ability of re-writing history. I feel robbed that I had to wait until I was 13 years old to ride a train from Long Beach to Los Angeles, and what was worse, was the fact that most of the route was rebuilt […]

What If? Modeling

I recently ordered a Kato MyTRAM RED from Japan, and this thing is way cool! This little tram is completely see-through and the motors are located in the trucks. Kato was able to put in directional lighting, the lights switch from white to red depending on the direction that the […]

Modern Light Rail Has Arrived

Well, let’s face it, I still love trains, I still love to model them, I am going through a dry spell…In the last few months, I have discovered that I hate DPM kits, seriously, loathe them. I plan to find more brick laser kits because they are higher quality and […]

August Update…