I have installed all of the Grandt Line doors and windows and I made the sliding doors on the long side. I accidentally made the dock a little bit too long, but easy to fix. I am now looking for an interior and skylights. The roof is going to be […]

Still working on the un-named warehouse

After getting the Oriental Limited 2-8-0, and ignoring the Bachmann one, I decided to take a closer look at the Bachmann and see what needs to be done to make it look more like a family member. The 3 biggest issues with the Bachmann is the running gear, the domes […]


Finally added some signs to the local bar, and nothing says cheap beer like Brew 102….and nothing says Cold War like a Fallout Shelter sign….

Nothing says cheap beer…

I like styrene more, I like styrene more, I like styrene more…. My fiend Joe D’Amato gave me some wood kits a while back, one of them was complete, the other, not so much. But it did have a lot of lumber, some corrugated siding and board and batton…he’s also […]

Trying my first wood sratch build

It’s summer,  and it is just about the time for my modeling to go on hiatus. As some of you know, I live in Central Arizona, and I have difficulty staying in my garage with this heat. Even as I write this at 8:15 at night, it is still 105°F. […]

This anticipation’s killing me.

I did it, I bit the bullet and I bought an Atlas VO-1000 off of Ebay. I still have Pacific Electric freight locomotive decals, and I can’t wait to remove the lettering from it… She will soon look like these… The Pacific Electric leased VO-1000’s from the Southern Pacific, and […]

Coming Soon to a Nude Beach Near You