I am getting closer to finish up the Pacific Electric 1124 (I chose that number since they all were all together on the decal sheet). I still need paint and install the lights and get/paint/install the poles. I put a Los Angeles letter board and destination sign on one end […]

Almost done with 1124

Going to decal these tomorrow,  and I have an idea for window glass

Getting there….

I shot the cars today and now need to paint the orange stripe above the windows on the 1100, then decal them. I know that the box motor will be Pacific Electric 1449, but I have no idea of what number to use on the 1100. she is just not […]

getting even closer…

A big thank you to Miniatures by Eric for making and supplying the Pacific Electric decals and making these shells.

Just need poles

The Tomytec chassis is meant to power their line of static line of bodies, not my Miniatures By Eric N Scale Pacific Electric shells. I have added styrene to the sides to hold the bodies at the propper height and on the ends to make sure that the bodies don’t […]

I finished my modifications

I spent Father’s Day working on my N Scale models of 1449 and a 1100 Class. I got my Tomyec chassis from Plaza Japan yesterday, and my daughters had fun trying to figure out the Japanese newspaper….I have not attached any part that needs to be black.

Happy Father’s Day