My First Post in a While…

I am just going to be blunt, and honest, I have grown bored with Play Desnuda in it’s current configuration. A few months bask, I got to operate Rick Watson’s Exeter branch, That operating session helped rekindle my desire to run my railroad, but I realize that Play Desnuda needs to be reconfigured to be a bit more challenging and realistic. The current layout can easily be switched within half an hour.

I have been re-reading the Santa Monica SPINS from 1975, and I have noticed more than a few options for increased, realistic switching.

This section of Culver City could make a very interesting N Scale 4×8 (or 3×6) layout that is actually prototypical.

The area that I currently have is 147″x16″, I still want to maintain the Washington Street yard before heading to the industrial section of Play Desnuda. I am hoping that I will be able to move the layout into a bedroom in the next year or so, as one of my kids is planning on moving out soon…I am also thinking about making the “mainline” curve to the front of the layout once leaving the yard and have it slowly angle to the rear corner over a roughly 8 foot run break away from the typical parallel lines.

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