So…I have rotated the layout 180°, this will allow me to add a staging track and build a functional junction, making an interchange yard…. this is placing Playa Desnuda Shell on the front of the layout, and on the other side! I also built the benchwork for the extension, and […]

You spin me right round…

IF…I rotate the layout 180°, with minimal changes, I can add a staging track and make a functional junction. Washington Blvd would need to be relocated, and Playa Desnuda Shell would be the closest industry to the yard, and the freight station would be the furthest away. Above is the […]

Another idea on the extension

My main complaint about operating the Playa Desnuda branch is that there is no way to have the train roll in, switch the industries, then leave town. I am looking at at adding the fictitious Washington Blvd. Yard. Linda Sand drew up this yard for the 1999 Model Railroad Planning […]

Planning an extension