Monthly Archives: May 2020

A buddy of mine who lives in Chandler was kind enough to print out a few wig wags for me. I used some really old Floquil Old Silver that is still good. About the time they were just about dry, my Great Dane walks by the table and his […]

Wiggle wiggle wiggle

I only have to wire up the freight station and engine house track, I have SPST switches for these, so I can store locos on them and still operate the layout. The soon to be laid staging track will be wired. I have also painted all of the track, up […]

Wiring is mostly done…

I realize that this is not prototypical paperwork for the Pacific Electric, but this is for a model railroad, and I am using artwork from an era correct notepad This is in Excel, so it can be edited as needed. I also plan to draw up a SPINS sheet for […]

Starting to prep for Ops

I have finally got a brass locomotive! It took me almost 44 years to get one, but finally! The locomotive is an Oriental Limited Southern Pacific C-8 with a modified pilot that has a Micro Trains coupler. I have also picked up a Micro Trains Southern Pacific tank car runner […]

Movin’ on Up…

I have now learned why railroads hate foamers…the electricians from Laguna de los Borrachos worked in the Washington Blvd yard this cool 80° morning (I live in the middle of the Sonoran Desert) and while wiring up the extension (all black feeders are on the rails and all red feeders […]

Stupid Foamer