Monthly Archives: June 2020

After work I fired up the air compressor and shot my caboose with Tru Color Boxcar Red. I took a 5/64″ dril bit and reammed out the bolster holes. I still have to add the windows, grab irons, decals and couplers…I have her sitting on Bettendorf trucks for now…

Did some work on the caboose this morning.

I wrapped up the scratch build today, the hardest part of it was finding an image to turn into an interior. Fortunately, the St. Louis NMRA has a lot of free downloads. The roof is made out of cardstock and shipping labels. I printed a Clever Models tar paper […]

Now what do I name it?

I have been trying to figure out how to make my Samsung tablet and cellphone cameras take more vintage style pictures, and I have found an app called Ektacam. It has different film types, color, black and white, print, slide and instant, there are minimal adjustments in the camera app, […]

Nothing like vintage films…