Monthly Archives: April 2020

Finally, I have finished laying the track in the yard. All of the track from for the extension has been recycled from my scrapped Pacific Coast Railway and from T.H.E.R.R. that is in Showlow, AZ after it was rebuilt with Unitrack. After the track was laid, I assembled a 9 […]

The track crew is done with the yard

As I lay more track down, I am starting to see how this will operate. I am thinking about putting the freight station in the middle of the front two tracks (the front track is not laid yet, but the #6 switch is in place). As I lay more track, […]

The yard is taking shape

The Gandy Dancers from Laguna de los Borrachos worked on the Washington Blvd yard tonight and Rule G was quickly broken. They got the job done quickly and got the two sets of crossovers connected. They plan to come back in the morning and work on laying track in the […]

More yard work

Back in October when I went out to Shawmut to chase the Big Boy, I picked up a pair of spikes from the old Sunset Route mainline. They have been sitting on my tool box since. Today, I decided to put them to a good use while working on the […]

Found a use…