I’m a bad dad

Last week my 8 year old daughter bought her first N scale freight car with her own money.  This week,  my friend Joe D’Amato sent her TEN Micro Trains cars as a present.  She has been looking at these cars wanting to switch them, but with the heat being over 100* F, she has not. I have 7 of her cars on my layout and I am switching them right now as she is going back to school.

Hobby shop finds

Went to Arnie’s trains in Westminster, CA yesterday. The detailer in me was happy since I was able to find SP light package details.  The father in me was happy to see my 8 year old daughter pick out her first freight car.  This Lehigh Valley 40 footer is a Kadee car released in 1978 and still is on original trucks.


Wow, TCS is even better than I thought

As you may have read, it appears that I messed up installing my first DCC decoder, by not insulating it properly from the frame. Dave at TCS was kind enough to inform me that the speed controller was burnt out due to a short. Not only did they send me a new decoder instead of fixing the old one, they also shipped it on the Third and I got it on the Fifth!