Monthly Archives: August 2016

Over the last few days I have been filling the holes in the roof of the six Model Power bay window cabeese. I used the mounting pins for the roof walks, and filled with contour putty. I used a pair of hobby knives to trim the mounting holes and make […]

Filling holes

I placed all six of the Model Power bay window cabeese into a quart Mason jar full of 91% rubbing alcohol to strip the paint. The silver on the roofs came off with ease, and the blue lettering took a little more coaxing. Surprisingly, Model Power spent the money to […]

plucking the cabeese

I am simply waiting on decals for my heavy tool car to be completed, but I have a new project in the works. Vincent from Louisiana just sent me six Model Power bay window Cabeese and six sets of Micro-Trains caboose hand rails. These cars are a little rough from […]

A Flock of Cabeese