plucking the cabeese

I placed all six of the Model Power bay window cabeese into a quart Mason jar full of 91% rubbing alcohol to strip the paint. The silver on the roofs came off with ease, and the blue lettering took a little more coaxing. Surprisingly, Model Power spent the money to paint a yellow plastic caboose yellow, and after the better part of a week, three of the cabeese have yellow paint still on them. I have been taking them out of the alcohol and scrubbing them with a toothbrush. It is amazing how thick the paint is. I am still waiting on my parts order, and I figured out the best way to fill the holes in the roof. I am going to cut the mounting points of the stock roofwalks off and glue them into the holes, then cut, putty and sand the roof smooth. Another idea is to make the entire roof of one smooth to backdate it into a C-40-4…..I just don’t know if I am up to that challenge.


One caboose left in the Mason jar…I am amazed  how thick Model Power paint can be. I had one that was stripped in an hour.

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