Monthly Archives: April 2018

Early in the month, I took pictures and measurements of the Casa Grande Southern Pacific speeder shed. I had a fresh sheet of 0.040″ styrene, some leftovers of metal roofing from the D’Amato Lumber project, and a small piece of freight car siding. The three sides are plain styrene, the […]

Working on the Casa Grande speeder shed

I have been planning on scratch building the Casa Grande speeder shed and putting it on my Pacific Electric layout, in the correct Southern Pacific Colonial Yellow, instead of Pacific Electric gray. I drew up a scale plan on 1/4″ square graph paper using Grandt Line #8008 windows. While they […]

Getting closer

I have been thinking about making a model of the shed in Casa Grande and putting it next to the Playa Desnuda freight station. Today I was in downtown CG, and I decided to measure it and shoot more picks…it is 18×22, the sides, back and roof is metal, and […]

Went back to the shed

When I first started this blog, I wanted to model the Southern Pacific in my new home city, Casa Grande, Arizona in the 1980’s. I wanted to tie in the Southern Pacific of my youth with the new home of my thirties. There was a lot of Espee magic still […]

The last sign…