odd power on the local today…AND A GREAT SUPRIZE!

I followed the local south of Main St (east end) between Grant and V.I.P. Blvd. Normally a pair of GP40-2’s are handling this turn, but today we had a Ex SSW 7272 in Borg Yellow and a GP38-2, ex Conrail 7735, now GMTX 2861. I really wish that they were still in original paint šŸ™

As the local passed, I really could not believe my own eyes, there it was, a Southern Pacific C-50-9, the last class of new Southern Pacific Cabeese built in 1980. This caboose is showing her age, and the numbers are long gone, but still, there she is, a real caboose, here in Casa Grande


I was able to see the other side today, the caboose is C-50-9 4728

The times, they are a changing….

After I dropped my youngest off at school, I figured thatĀ since it was only 92 degrees, I should go down to see what was happening on the old Sunset Route. Uncle Pete Has been busy,Ā  theĀ track is now double tracked east of Hermosilla St (Arizona Grain), and they areĀ just finishing up the ballast.Ā Ā Uncle Pete is also doing a few things that will make an Espee fan sad, they have pulled out the old signals, and are replacing them with new, 3 light signals.

East of Thornton, it is now triple tracked, and the old cotton gin on Thornton that I wanted to shoot today, well the foundation remains.