Got a new car

I got a new boxcar from and They have released a Micro Trains Line Missouri-Illinois box car, a run of 300. Now here is the dilemma, this car has been photographed across the country, from CA to New Jersey, but the number is too early for me. I am contemplating updating the number and removing to roof walks….


finished the elevator, added a few more details

All modelers need to have a “junk” box, a place to store old model kits or parts that you have no use for. About 10 years ago I bought a Micro Engineering mine kit. Today, I have no use for it, but a small storage shack is a good use for it…add in OLD Floquil paints that never go bad (unlike the Testors stuff), and I had a simple, quick project.

Today I dug out a few locos and staged an accidental meet as the local is trying to clear the switch….8520131 8520132 8520133