Tigger is done!

I have had nothing but trouble decalling my Pacific Electric SW1 into Tiger Stripes. The letters and numbers, no issues, though the stripes, well, it must have been old decals. They tore and folded over onto themselves.

As for the loco, I named her Tigger, since there was only one SW1 lettered for the Pacific Electric and I am sure that this is the only one in N Scale.

And now a trip back to thetime without color…

That caboose needs lettering.

Looks like a model railroad…..

I was recently given a copy of a 1976 Southern Pacific SPINS (Southern Pacific Industrial Numbering System), which is a track map given out to train crews. I was originally looking at it for more information about the old Pacific Electric Santa Monica Airline when my eyes were drawn to Culver City, CA. While it doesn’t show the buildings, it does show all streets and tracks, plus the length of all spurs….while I have no desire to model this, it is too neat of a prototype to pass up for someone who wants to do some urban industrial modeling….

I was given some cool research material…

As many of you know, I am basing the Playa Desnuda branch of the Pacific Electric on the Santa Monica Airline. Former Southern Pacific Brakeman/Conductor Steven Phares used to work on the old Airline back in the 1970’s. He was kind enough to share a copy of the 7/10/1976 SPINS and five switch lists from 1976….

Collection of Steven Phares, former Brakeman/Conductor of the Southern Pacific