new N Scale track plan….

So I have been kicking around the best way to model the SP out here in 1984-86. Back when the Southern Pacific was recovering from the stupid SPSF merger failure (if only the ICC new what was going to happen in the mid 1990’s) I have looked at how the trackage is down near Arizona Grain, and I have realized that track plan 2 was not going to cut it. Yes, I know that there is about 2-3 miles between CEMEX and Casa Grande Grain, but when you have  less than half a scale mile (new plan is 156″x18″), there are comprimises. I know that the AZ Grain elevator looks NOTHING like the Walthers ADM elevator, but until I can learn how to build a better one, it will have to do…here is Casa Grande in N version 3.0

More lineside details….

Well, the old SP is still present here in Casa Grande…the great Borg of Unkle Pete still has yet to kill all SP. We lost our station (built in 1939, art deco style to replace one that burnt down) but a shed still is here, and considering what is standing next to it, quite possibly a freight house or a packing building.

This shed has seen better days, but it could be a fun little modeling project.

Also, there is a great opportunity for someone that is looking for storage out here…

Jenn would KILL me, then cut me up into little bits, but it would be a great place to model the SP in Casa Grande….


Well, it appears that Cemex has now shut down it’s cement plant in Casa Grande, there have been no trucks there for quite a while, and with it’s operations off of the 587 on the Gila River Reservation near Sacaton, I doubt it will open up soon.  I went down there yesterday and took some new shots….

This is going to be an interesting build, as soon as I figure out how to do so…and how they operated with the SP….I think that it was loads in, trucks out….

Stop signs for trains….

We have all seen mile markers, yard limit signs, even markers to signal horn blowing, but these are new to me.  Yesterday, I watched a pair of GP40’s deliver 2 covered hoppers to Arizona Grain. While running down the siding, the Geeps were stopping, waiting for the crossing gates to lower, and then rolling through the street. I noticed as I pulled away, a rectangular red sign that said STOP. Taking train pictures all my life, and I missed this detail?

Still looking for help….

Does ANYONE know what loco’s ran the Casa Grande local in 1984-86? Images would be great, Thanks!

*edit* I have asked on the Espee Yahoo group, and it looks like the locals were typically GP35R’s, most of the photos that I located on show Tucson painted on the cab and Tom Fassett took many images of them all over Arizona in the mid 1980’s. Tom’s images have the city (most were in Tucson and Phoenix, but Chandler and Eloy were also locations) and month/year on them to help me out. If anyone else has more info, I would love to know.