Got a new project. ..

Ok, screw the budget, let’s make this the $750 layout…I just picked up a Traincat Southern Pacific C -30-6 caboose kit. This kit is a brass kit that is just about perfect.  I already know the correct interior color, I just need to figure out what number to build. The trucks used in to the 1980’s were a friction bearing Bettendorf’s, due to them being regulated to local service only. Does anyone have a good picture of a C-30-6 in Arizona in the 1980’s?wpid-20140114_141427.jpgWell, I have been on the hunt for the caboose number. C-30-5 437 was in Tucson in 1985

and C-30-4 413 is in the Arizona Railway Museum

Both were built for the T&NO, 413 was retired in 1982….

Sunrise on the Sunset…

This morning, right after sunrise, I went down to the old Sunset Route. On the west end of town is a small yard used to store cars, the typical UP local was switching cars with a pair of GP40-2’s for power (I have posted pictures of the locos on here already. one is an old repainted SP unit). I went further down Cowtown Road, and found some survivors, please enjoy the pictures. I am surprised to see ex 7658 with that decent of a paint job, She was built in 1980 and has not had a paint job in over 20 years.

d’oh!!!! I forgot the camera….

So today, as I do EVERY night I work, I drove past the Arizona Railway Museum, but today, I saw white diesel smoke coming out of the yard. I pulled into their lot, ran in to hear the distinctive burble of a Baldwin diesel. I was offered the chance to climb up into the cab, and of course I took the chance, after about 15 minutes of enjoying the cab ride, I was informed that it was my turn next…scratch one off the list, I got to move Magma Arizona Railroad Baldwin DRS-6-6-1500 back and forth for about 5 minutes, it amazes me how easy it really is to operate a diesel locomotive in a yard in a controlled environment. Being in a working yard, or on the mainline would be a different experiance…I was a little kid again, even for just 5 minutes.

Still looking for help….

Does ANYONE know what loco’s ran the Casa Grande local in 1984-86? Images would be great, Thanks!

*edit* I have asked on the Espee Yahoo group, and it looks like the locals were typically GP35R’s, most of the photos that I located on show Tucson painted on the cab and Tom Fassett took many images of them all over Arizona in the mid 1980’s. Tom’s images have the city (most were in Tucson and Phoenix, but Chandler and Eloy were also locations) and month/year on them to help me out. If anyone else has more info, I would love to know.