Time to call in the work train

I did some troubleshooting, and one of the joints had a little bit of solder on top of the rail, and the other end has a kink in the rail. The 2-8-0 now is able to run through it fine going forward northbound, but derails any other way. I pulled out my L cab SD-40-T2 snoots and they went through without any issues pulling 5 MTL freight cars. Looks like I am going to be doing some track work. I already need to lay three sidings and get some ground throws.

Adventures in weathering hoppers

A few weeks ago, the rail wire announced a prototype weathering contest. I happened to have a prototype picture of my MTL Union Pacific hopper. I decided to also weather a Southern Pacific ACF hopper at the same time using washes of acrylic paints, first fade coats of ivory white followed by burnt umber. The UP hopper also got some pavement black on the trucks.