Two things….

Tonight I was able to create another tank out of 2″ ABS pipe couplers, styrene, and Clever Models textures…needing some sort of bridge, I took a part of the Walthers ADM grain elevator for a fitting…..

A few nights ago, I was digging through an old copy of Interurbans Special 37, Cars of Pacific Electric, Vol. III Combos, Locomotives & Non-Revenue Cars…this book has an incredible amount of Pacific Electric freight information. All PE freight locomotives and a lot of the Southern Pacific leased locomotives are in this book. There is also freight car rosters and a ton of drawings. I saw this plan, and I can not find any more references anywhere about them. The Pacific Electric actually had manure cars! I am sure they were not the sweetest cars in the fleet, but I have a weird desire to model one.

The East Half of Playa Desnuda

This last few months, I have been working hard on the west half of Playa Desnuda. I was able to get all of Christmas week off of work, so I plan to add more ground cover and trees to make it feel complete enough for me to turn my attention to the east.

East half of Playa Desnuda

Currently the east half is rather nude, and the oil depot will be added to the back half of the layout. Currently, there is about a five inch gap between the road and the tracks, which will allow me room to add a sidewalk and street parking. Tonight, I found out that my wife is going to be giving me my Christmas Present late, but it will make Playa Desnuda look a lot better. She is giving me Woodland Scenics N Scale Town and Factory Building Set. This set has thirteen DPM kits, including a model of the turret building on the 700 block of San Pedro.

Fortunately, there are many scenes where the backs of buildings were close to Pacific Electric tracks.