new URL

So I got a new domain, The current URL of will still work March, so don’t worry about it failing soon.

I have successfully converted the WordPress blog over to the new domain, I have gone through the database and all images are now resolving correctly. I have also reset the permalinks, but the old ones on Google might not work any more.

GP35R Rhinoplasty

So I have been scared to do a nose job, but wow, it was REAL easy! 

The first thing I did was take a really sharp pencil to draw lines on the nos to have an idea for the area needed for the notch in the nose. I took a #62 bit and put it into my pin vice to start the hole.




I used a #11 Exacto Blade to hog out the hole, cutting carefully. I prefer Exacto due to their quality standards.




I constantly used the light package as a guide to make sure that I did not trim too much away. I used a special tool to smooth out the opening, I got 10 for $0.59 at the grocery store.  Guys, if you can’t figure it out….ask your wife and/or girlfriend(s)


I still need to putty the lights in, paint, install MV lenses and BLMA M/U hoses and sunshades plus remove the numbers. I also removed the foot boards like the SP did to 6300. I might leave the factory lettering.



another U Boat in the works

So yet again, a fellow N Scale modeler has supplied my with rare Southern Pacific detail parts. SP Wolf from the mailed me a GE nose light, a Southern Pacific GE roof Gyrolight and an EMD nose light package! U25B 6704  (early model, like the Atlas N Scale model, with the same number of battery boxes) is coming along nicely. I need some MV lenses and a #80 drill bit to complete the model. Here are a pair of progress pictures.



ugh, 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

So I have started a build-up of an N Scale model of Southern Pacific GP35E #6300. I have a nused Kato built Atlas model (fits in well with my U30C), and I have been studying all photos that I can find of her (Thanks again Tom Fassett). I had a N Scale of Nevada rear light package and bell, got some Micro-Trains couplers, BLMA cab shades and MU cables (man those things are tiny), and Detail Associates lights.

I took the body off of the GP35, and I used an emery board to file off the foot boards, swapped out the couplers, got to the lights, and DA 8218 duel  Pyle lights look like a great fit. Too bad the single light, DA 8219 is too small. It is now time for a quick change of plans. Perhaps Intermountain has a stash of nose lights that they use for their tunnel motors laying around…..