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This afternoon I stopped by Lowes on the way home from work and I picked up some pipe couplings to use as oil tanks. I picked up a pair of 2″ and a 3″ coupling. I will be capping them off with sheet styrene. I am still looking for what […]

Playa Desnuda Shell Oil

Today I swung by MicroScale Industries and picked up 4 sets of decals. Two of which are needed for the Pacific Electric SW1, another set for my Southern Pacific Maintenance of Way horse car, crane and tender, and another for random Southern Pacific single sheathed boxcars…and it has enough decals […]

About to finish up a few projects…

February 22, 1953 was the only time that the Pacific Electric ran a PCC on the Santa Monica Airline. Fortunately for the Pacific Electric fan, there are at least two pictures of this, one at the West Hollywood  freight station and one at the Santa Monica freight station. link to […]

replicating an excursion

Smoke’n Joe D’Amato did something  really cool and I am honored. Thanks Joe.   Now this is not my layout. I have a slightly edited version of this kit on order with the correct spelling

it’s an honor