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But I have done some Pacific Electric replication. I came across a picture of a destination sign off of a Blimp. I knew that I had to have one, but couldn’t get one due to the rarity of the real one, I decided to make one.  I painted a sheet […]

No modeling this week….

Yesterday was the 45th anniversary of the passing of The Wizard of Monterey, John Allen. A member of was kind enough to share a set of custom made decals the were meant for a 40′ PS1 boxcar, however I decided to use it on a plug door boxcar since […]

Remembering a legend

The Pacific Electric had a unique collection of freight cars that will make unique models. Among them were Caswell gondolas that were built in 1923. According to one source, they were transferred to the Southern Pacific in 1940, however I was given a photo of one still in Pacific Electric […]

Unique Pacific Electric freight cars….