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  Lance Mindheim has built many great layouts. One of his tricks is to paint finely detailed track in lighter colors to highlight the details, and if you are using track with big, over-sized details (like i am with Atlas Code 80), to use darker paint. Well, as you might […]

Track is painted…

Operating the layout was one of the main things that I wanted to do before building the layout. I really wanted something that I can operate realistically, and as a puzzle as well. The next to last plan that I drew up was basically a large Timesaver. By moving the switch that […]

Operating the layout and other thoughts….

I am PISSED off at Floquil Paints.I had a used rail brown,roof brown and grimy black spray can and a new rail brown and grimy black. All five cans had paint in them, you could feel the weight. All of them had no propellant. FIVE expensive spray cans that I have […]

UGH!!!! Floquil, you strike again!

I found four rail joiners this morning, so I laid the other 2 sidings this morning. They are shorter than I really wanted, but oh well. I think that I am done laying track on this layout. As soon as this glue dries, I am going out and finding out […]

A quick update