A buddy of mine who lives in Chandler was kind enough to print out a few wig wags for me. I used some really old Floquil Old Silver that is still good. About the time they were just about dry, my Great Dane walks by the table and his […]

Wiggle wiggle wiggle

Just like my obsession with the freight station that started me down the path of modeling the Pacific Electric in N Scale, the Pacific Electric interlocking towers got stuck in my mind. Unfortunately, there isn’t a kit in N Scale that matches the prototype.  Fortunately, there are plans for a […]

Scratch built N Scale interlocking tower

I placed all six of the Model Power bay window cabeese into a quart Mason jar full of 91% rubbing alcohol to strip the paint. The silver on the roofs came off with ease, and the blue lettering took a little more coaxing. Surprisingly, Model Power spent the money to […]

plucking the cabeese

It started just over a year ago, Joe D’Amato at Micro Trains asked me to go to the Arizona Railway Museum in Chandler to shoot a derelict old Maintenance of Way car with three doors on the sides and an end that opened the entire width of the car. SPMW […]

The MOW Horse Car…..part 1