Monthly Archives: June 2014

I have been trying to figure out different CV’s. Today I got the Mars light effect to work! but it was for the rear light, and I set it per TCS for front only. I put the decoder in backwards! the other issue is that the loco runs in reverse, […]

more DCC lessons

This morning, I hardwired my first decoder, milled the Kato/Atlas GP35 frame, and wired the PowerCab into the layout (still have to cut the hole in the fascia to mount it). As soon as the Powercab came online, my Geep took off at Run 8. I did some research, discovered […]

DCC fun….

OK, let’s make it the $1000 layout. I picked up a NCE Powercab and a TCS CN-GP decoder. I knew that they were small, but holy snotballs, that decoder is tiny. I wound up today getting a new soldering station and will attempt my first DCC install soon (maybe later […]

There goes the budget…