more DCC lessons

I have been trying to figure out different CV’s. Today I got the Mars light effect to work! but it was for the rear light, and I set it per TCS for front only. I put the decoder in backwards! the other issue is that the loco runs in reverse, tried to change CV29, I think that it will be easier to remove the motor, rotate it 180 degrees, and swap the pickups….

DCC fun….

This morning, I hardwired my first decoder, milled the Kato/Atlas GP35 frame, and wired the PowerCab into the layout (still have to cut the hole in the fascia to mount it). As soon as the Powercab came online, my Geep took off at Run 8. I did some research, discovered that it could be CV29. Then I saw in the programing mode of the PowerCab that there was a short circuit detected. I wired the PowerCab up to just a piece of flextrack and got the same result. One of the motor leads was making contact to the frame. I learned an important lesson the hard way, be sure that you put tape on EVERYTHING!

Next on the DCC Hit Parade is to learn how to make the headlight operate like a Mars light, and add in a third LED in the nose, making that the traditional Southern Pacific headlight.