Monthly Archives: June 2015

Today I wired up about half of my HCD layout, and started testing my trackwork only to discover that one rail was sitting a little high, causing the pilot truck to derail. I cleaned up the bump, and derailment continued. I then realized that the pilot truck was hitting the […]

Track work….

Tonight I laid a garden track and the lead to the turntable. I also mocked up the last three sidings. There is a pocket track for the team track on the front of the layout. As of right now, it is long enough to hold three random Micro Trains forty […]

Work continues…

The new Pacific Coast Railway layout has been a use up my stash and old projects planning exercise. I have been digging out old US made Atlas flex track and switches. I have a Dimi Trains water tower (the only project that I nicely weathered as a kid), the Atlas […]

My old Peco turntable