Work continues…

Tonight I laid a garden track and the lead to the turntable. I also mocked up the last three sidings. There is a pocket track for the team track on the front of the layout. As of right now, it is long enough to hold three random Micro Trains forty foot cars (I tested it with both my 1972 series cars and my weathered Southern Pacific wooden cars).  I plan to put a freight depot near the engine house, and I plan to either stick the depot down the siding that runs off of the current layout.


Pardon the mess, playing around with how things fit.

At this point, I am really thinking about scrapping the switching layout and rebuilding it as a doormino. I can get a pair of 18 inch folding doors and cover them in the same foam, making it more uniform, and by adding a switch or two, I can make the switching area more interesting. The second door can be used as a large staging area/freight yard. By having a doormino standard, I could swap them out or make a longer layout.

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