Model locomotive

All of my classes of N Scale Pacific Electric cars…all Miniatures by Eric shells on Tomytec chassis 500 600 (Hollywood Car) 1000 (I have 5 of these) 1100 (1124 modeled) 1252 (Portland Twelve) 1445 (1445 modeled) 1451 (I have 3 of these, considering building tower car 00157 out of one […]

Family Portraits

My buddy Andy is always looking for Pacific electric models on eBay, and he sent me a link to this mega lot of Miniatures By Eric shells, I came real close to pulling the trigger, but I could not justify it. I asked the seller about possibly splitting it up, […]

Sometimes eBay is a Must

Part of being a model railroader is the ability of re-writing history. I feel robbed that I had to wait until I was 13 years old to ride a train from Long Beach to Los Angeles, and what was worse, was the fact that most of the route was rebuilt […]

What If? Modeling