Sometimes eBay is a Must

My buddy Andy is always looking for Pacific electric models on eBay, and he sent me a link to this mega lot of Miniatures By Eric shells, I came real close to pulling the trigger, but I could not justify it. I asked the seller about possibly splitting it up, and they informed me of more lots to come.

I wound up buying two of these lots, the first one was four 1000’s, three 1451’s, plenty of decals and 16 brass poles! The second lot was a pair of Shapeways Baldwin Freight Motors, and my childhood dream of having an N Scale model of 1624 is all but here. I have an order in for six TomyTec chassis from Plaza Japan, I strongly recommend ordering directly from their site than through eBay. I was also able to track down one Bandai B Chassis #4 for the Freight Motor, which has been difficult since they have not been made since 2015.

My current roster (built and waiting) is one 500, a 600 (Hollywood Car), five 1000’s, an 1100 (Built, 1124), a Portland 1200 (1252-1263), a 1445 and three 1451’s. I am seriously thinking about making one of the 1451’s into 00157, a line car that still exists at the Orange Empire Railroad Museum.

I also added poles to 1445! Thanks again Volkmar!

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