new N Scale track plan….

So I have been kicking around the best way to model the SP out here in 1984-86. Back when the Southern Pacific was recovering from the stupid SPSF merger failure (if only the ICC new what was going to happen in the mid 1990’s) I have looked at how the trackage is down near Arizona Grain, and I have realized that track plan 2 was not going to cut it. Yes, I know that there is about 2-3 miles between CEMEX and Casa Grande Grain, but when you have  less than half a scale mile (new plan is 156″x18″), there are comprimises. I know that the AZ Grain elevator looks NOTHING like the Walthers ADM elevator, but until I can learn how to build a better one, it will have to do…here is Casa Grande in N version 3.0

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