odd power on the local today…AND A GREAT SUPRIZE!

I followed the local south of Main St (east end) between Grant and V.I.P. Blvd. Normally a pair of GP40-2’s are handling this turn, but today we had a Ex SSW 7272 in Borg Yellow and a GP38-2, ex Conrail 7735, now GMTX 2861. I really wish that they were still in original paint 🙁

As the local passed, I really could not believe my own eyes, there it was, a Southern Pacific C-50-9, the last class of new Southern Pacific Cabeese built in 1980. This caboose is showing her age, and the numbers are long gone, but still, there she is, a real caboose, here in Casa Grande


I was able to see the other side today, the caboose is C-50-9 4728

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