Found a use…

Back in October when I went out to Shawmut to chase the Big Boy, I picked up a pair of spikes from the old Sunset Route mainline. They have been sitting on my tool box since.

Today, I decided to put them to a good use while working on the far end of the yard. I took my four foot rule and marked straight lines from one end to another. I then took the old Atlas Mikado with the Dimi Trains Vanderbilt tender, added an inch or so to the length and decided that is how much room I needed at the end of the run around. I put the #6 crossover in place and laid the track to the egde of the layout. I put glue under the flex track, and used the spikes and a can of acetone for weight. Tomorrow I plan to ballast the switches and lay the track between the two sets of crossovers.

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