As a true Southern Pacific railfan, I know that the beloved SW1500 was called a crud. In all aspects, the Micro Trains SW1500 is a think of beauty. These little gems are great switching locos, paint is sharp and crisp, I just wish that my weathering skills were up to […]

Cruddy Monday…

A fiend of mine named Art gave me all of the line pole kits and the poles that are already made. These were built by the late Bruce Smith of Western Railcraft fame….they may not look like much, but they are a step un me becoming a better traction modeler. […]

Finally made my own

Three attorneys, Dewey, Cheatem & Howe, acquired a rocky, worthless plot of land on the Pacific Coast just west of Los Angeles in 1897. Trying to figure out how to get tourists to go there, they quickly named it Playa Desnuda. Roads were bad, and it took a day to […]

The backstory of Playa Desnuda

A few months back, I inherited a trio of Rivarossi steamers, all with Vanderbilt tenders. Of the three, the 2-8-2 is the best runner. I was reading the list of Southern Pacific 2-8-2’s, and some came from the purchase of the El Paso and South Western in 1924….hmmm…..started to read the […]

Pondering on Espeefying a Rivarossi Mike…