A close look at the road bed, and an industry that I am not sure what it is….

I am currently planning on using HO cork for the main, and N for the primary passing siding/run-around track, and many modelers have been questioning me on this idea. I have been looking at the roadbed in Casa Grande, and it is elevated more here than in many locations that I have seen. I have railfaned Cajon, Tehachapi, British Columbia (yet another fallen Flag I miss…I might build a BC Rail MLW for fun one day) Tennessee Pass…I like trains, but the main line outside of Casa Grande heading towards Maricopa is high. The road bed out near Sacaton heading out of Tempe/Chandler is even taller, and I think that this is due to Arizona’s history of flash floods. I now have photographic proof why I need 2 levels of roadbed before taking the rails into the dirt of the industries.

Also, does anyone know what the name and type of industry this is? I saw the tank cars coming in, and the tall tanks from the north side, but the horizontal tanks on the west end make me wonder what it really is.  I thought that it was a High Fructose Corn Syrup distributor, now, I am not so sure…

Playing with track plans

The first hurdle of building a layout is planning one. I don’t want to bite off more than i can chew, so I am looking at the “domino” plan of modeling.  What ever main idea that I choose, it will be one town, and a pair of 180 degree turns going into a hidden staging yard. I am leaning towards using Atlas code 80 flextrack and custom line switches (#6) . I am going to post the first (and ruled out) and second track plans…..

First Track Plan
I am leaning towards this plan

I am planning to use a pair of GP’s or perhaps a pair of SD9E’s that got stolen from Los Angeles or the NWP for local power. I plan to have three industries on line. Casa Grande has Arizona Grain, which will be modeled with a Walthers ADM (I know, not right) Grain Elevator, Cemex Cement (this location recently closed, so I will need to shoot it before it is destroyed like the Casa Grande Station was [fire]) and the third being a high fructose corn syrup distributor.


Hi, I have decided to build an N Scale layout based on the Southern Pacific railroad in Casa Grande, AZ. I have recently (within the last 3 years) moved to Casa Grande and I am a lifetime fan of the SP.  After moving out here, I have grown fond of the old Sunset Route, and since I grew up during the 1980’s, I have decided to model the feel of Casa Grande in the early to mid 80’s. I want to be to run both locals and through freights, all with a caboose. I am still working out the track plan, but I feel that it is getting close.