Well, it appears that Cemex has now shut down it’s cement plant in Casa Grande, there have been no trucks there for quite a while, and with it’s operations off of the 587 on the Gila River Reservation near Sacaton, I doubt it will open up soon.  I went down […]


We have all seen mile markers, yard limit signs, even markers to signal horn blowing, but these are new to me.  Yesterday, I watched a pair of GP40’s deliver 2 covered hoppers to Arizona Grain. While running down the siding, the Geeps were stopping, waiting for the crossing gates to […]

Stop signs for trains….

Does ANYONE know what loco’s ran the Casa Grande local in 1984-86? Images would be great, Thanks! *edit* I have asked on the Espee Yahoo group, and it looks like the locals were typically GP35R’s, most of the photos that I located on http://espee.railfan.net show Tucson painted on the cab and […]

Still looking for help….

It appears that the Unkle Pete likes to run at least a pair of GP40’s as the local, and I am assuming that they are based out of Tucson, though they might be closer. I get down to the Sunset Route ironicaly, in the morning, right after dropping the girls […]

now for some trains….

I am currently planning on using HO cork for the main, and N for the primary passing siding/run-around track, and many modelers have been questioning me on this idea. I have been looking at the roadbed in Casa Grande, and it is elevated more here than in many locations that […]

A close look at the road bed, and an industry ...

Going down track side is part of the fun of planning a layout, details can be the item that makes or breaks a layout….here are some shots from just west of town….looks like BLMA will be getting some good business from me….

details, details, details…..