Playing with track plans

The first hurdle of building a layout is planning one. I don’t want to bite off more than i can chew, so I am looking at the “domino” plan of modeling.  What ever main idea that I choose, it will be one town, and a pair of 180 degree turns going into a hidden staging yard. I am leaning towards using Atlas code 80 flextrack and custom line switches (#6) . I am going to post the first (and ruled out) and second track plans…..

First Track Plan
I am leaning towards this plan

I am planning to use a pair of GP’s or perhaps a pair of SD9E’s that got stolen from Los Angeles or the NWP for local power. I plan to have three industries on line. Casa Grande has Arizona Grain, which will be modeled with a Walthers ADM (I know, not right) Grain Elevator, Cemex Cement (this location recently closed, so I will need to shoot it before it is destroyed like the Casa Grande Station was [fire]) and the third being a high fructose corn syrup distributor.


Hi, I have decided to build an N Scale layout based on the Southern Pacific railroad in Casa Grande, AZ. I have recently (within the last 3 years) moved to Casa Grande and I am a lifetime fan of the SP.  After moving out here, I have grown fond of the old Sunset Route, and since I grew up during the 1980’s, I have decided to model the feel of Casa Grande in the early to mid 80’s. I want to be to run both locals and through freights, all with a caboose. I am still working out the track plan, but I feel that it is getting close.