Sometimes, we just need to step back and look at the big picture….

The wife and I did some long distance railfanning today (she called it hiking). We drove till the pavement ended and started to walk up the access road.

The 2 mile hike up the mountain with the “CG” gave us a unique perspective of the Casa Grande Valley. It also shows how often the Borg runs their freights through, and how much I wish that Tunnels were pulling them. Getting up, out of the valley was a fun experience, and it shows that my compressed track plan really does not give the sense of how large this small city is…Do I continue with my 8 foot plan or stretch it out for a longer run?



Looking for roof detail pictures of GP35R’s and a U25B

So I got a pair of Intermountain SD40-T2’s, one was missing a bell and a plow. Intermountain supplied me with a new plow as well as an entire parts sprue…so I have TWO roof bells! My 6300 will be getting more details.

Also, on early U25B’s…does anyone have a good photo of the bell location? Not many realize this, but their bell was on the frame

Sunrise on the Sunset…

This morning, right after sunrise, I went down to the old Sunset Route. On the west end of town is a small yard used to store cars, the typical UP local was switching cars with a pair of GP40-2’s for power (I have posted pictures of the locos on here already. one is an old repainted SP unit). I went further down Cowtown Road, and found some survivors, please enjoy the pictures. I am surprised to see ex 7658 with that decent of a paint job, She was built in 1980 and has not had a paint job in over 20 years.