So I have started a build-up of an N Scale model of Southern Pacific GP35E #6300. I have a nused Kato built Atlas model (fits in well with my U30C), and I have been studying all photos that I can find of her (Thanks again Tom Fassett). I had a […]

ugh, 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

I followed the local south of Main St (east end) between Grant and V.I.P. Blvd. Normally a pair of GP40-2’s are handling this turn, but today we had a Ex SSW 7272 in Borg Yellow and a GP38-2, ex Conrail 7735, now GMTX 2861. I really wish that they were […]

odd power on the local today…AND A GREAT SUPRIZE!

After I dropped my youngest off at school, I figured that since it was only 92 degrees, I should go down to see what was happening on the old Sunset Route. Uncle Pete Has been busy,  the track is now double tracked east of Hermosilla St (Arizona Grain), and they are just finishing […]

The times, they are a changing….

I have been thinking that I need to design a new plan of Casa Grande. In the plans are Arizona Grain, the oil distribution company, and a cotton mill. I am going  to use the Walthers ADM grain elevator for Arizona Grain, New Jersy Intl. has a oil company, add in […]

Playing with a new track plan….

So today, as I do EVERY night I work, I drove past the Arizona Railway Museum, but today, I saw white diesel smoke coming out of the yard. I pulled into their lot, ran in to hear the distinctive burble of a Baldwin diesel. I was offered the chance to climb up […]

d’oh!!!! I forgot the camera….

Right before Christmas, the LHS got the SP Bloody Nose Red Wing decals in, went down, picked them up, and I got the nose light from Trevor D in Quebec, got sick, worked too many hours….Today, the wife went to the gym, the two young ones fell asleep, out came […]

Red Wings!!!