Yearly Archives: 2016

So, sticking with the low buck theme on the Toltec  switching layout, I decided to recycle more parts of the original Ikea dresser. This time it is the drawer bottoms. I used three cans of spray paint to create my backdrop, and I think that I need to lower the […]

my first try at a backdrop

Today, I have made a roof out of styrene with 220 grit sandpaper glued to it, and I painted it with Velspar Blindfold. Here is just a test fit, I have added a few more roof supports. I am also building a partial floor for the center door with roof […]

more work on the warehouse

But everything else is coming along nicely. I need to fix that angle on the roofwalk. I have body mounted a pair of beta test Micro Trains scale couplers. The caboose has the long shank couplers. Not only did I have to drill and tap the hole, but I also […]

my masking sucks…