August Update…

Well, let’s face it, I still love trains, I still love to model them, I am going through a dry spell…In the last few months, I have discovered that I hate DPM kits, seriously, loathe them. I plan to find more brick laser kits because they are higher quality and easier to paint.

I built a new kit from Interurban Models and it was a nice little evening’s work, I honestly can’t recommend Volkmar’s creation too much.

This simple kit is laser cut MDF, and I painted it with the cheapest of cheap Wal-Mart craft paints and Elmer’s glue.

I also bought a Walthers Bright Boy and have been cleaning track, I have not really switched Playa Desnuda since the relocation to my office. I really can’t wait to get the track clean again.

I also went to an evil, big box crafts store that I will not name and purchased bulletin board paper to use as a backdrop. the biggest issue with it is that the pattern of the clouds repeats itself every few feet, but for a 48″x144″ backdrop for $10, I really can’t complain. I used my PVC pipe cutter to cut it down to 16 inches, and used scotch tape to attach it to the wall…

Now, a little personal news, I have started dating someone new, who, ironically has the same name as my ex. We went out to a podunk town in rural New Mexico that does not have a stoplight, yet, it has a beautifully restored Santa Fe station that is used as the local library. The have even left the worker’s “graffiti” on the walls of the freight room.

While there, I bought a print of a Stan Kistler picture of Santa Fe 2-10-0 2566 switching an industry. This will be framed and hung in the office soon.

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