Finally see what it used to look like…

For my entire life, I have been riding the train at Knott’s Berry Farm, and I was about 20 when I realized that the two steam locomotives were Denver and Rio Grande Western 340 and Rio Grande Southern 41, built in 1880, and the passenger cars were also Rio Grande cars of the same vintage. About 15 years ago, I heard that the station was originally the Pacific Electric station from right down Beach Blvd in Stanton. I have been looking for a picture of this station in it’s original configuration and location. Well, Facebook never ceases to amaze me. This image was shared, and it shows how much Walter Knott added to it.

This photo had to be taken before 1952 when the station was moved to Buena Park, and most likely before passenger service was abandoned in 1950. While I have no plans to model this station (right now), I am trying to design an oil depot from the same era…and that depot in the rear of the picture will look great in Playa Desnuda!

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