First step to getting a real structure on the layout…

A few years ago, I bought a Walthers ADM Grain Elevator on sale (Walthers flyer). I have read many times on line how much of a pain the silos are, and I have to agree. It was easier to start with an end and a side that it was to start with two side peaces. As many have said in the past, plan to go back with body filler and then repaint. I decided to test fit the elevator on the layout without the dump area for trucks to drive through, and I am also going to come back and add the details and roof. Here are a few pictures to show how it will fit. I also included 4 Atlas hoppers that need to be converted to Micro-Trains couplers (most likely M-T trucks as well). The Atlas hoppers are now part of the Trainman line, but mine have old Unimate couplers. They are great for an N-Trak layout with a 100 car freight drag, but on a little switching layout….

grain1 grain2 grain3Please excuse the rubber bands


Today, I filled the gaps in the silos with Testors putty and painted the flat sections of the roof. I also found that the bracket that holds the filler tube in place was broken….so out came the diagonal cutters and a paperclip!

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