found my electrical issue….

Over the last month, I have found myself running trains less and less. my Kato/Atlas GP35R was needing to be push started, did not like low speeds, and the light kept flickering. Today, I dug out the bight-boy, scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed some more to no avail. I wanted to run some trains Bob Damnit! So I figured if it wasn’t running well, I might as well have fun and run my tunnels. Oh man, they were SO smooth, crawling tie by tie. I was starting to fume. Since the issue arisen, I cleaned the Geep’s wheels with alcohol on a paper tower using a 9 volt for power, or so I thought. Off came the shell, out came the screw driver, and within a minute, I had a truck apart. Using the same alcohol, I was able to get more gunk off, and I cleaned up some corrosion on the brass pickups. I put the loco back together with only one truck clean and the difference was night and day, and with the second truck clean, my old Kato is running like a new one. Sometimes the answer is staring us in the face and we just look past it. If I only followed the KISS method first….


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