It Smelled Like Turpentine, it Looked Like India Ink

I think that I need Love Potion no. 9. Working with this old Period Miniatures kit has been a challenge for me. I am going to need to do some creative bracing on the inside. The wood was a lot more brittle and dryer than I was expecting. Since I mostly work with styrene, a wood kit is a welcome change…but next time, I am buying either a new kit or new wood.

Either way, I have done a lot of work on this kit, and come hell or high water, I will build this kit.

With any new project, I am looking forward to trying out new for me techniques, and I found videos for replicating peeling paint on wood that I had to try, and I think that it worked well….for the most part….

The first thing that I did was stain the wood with a mixture of 91% alcohol and India Ink.

Second, i brushed on a coat of turpentine, and a quick, liberally thick coat of cheap acrylic paint.

Once the paint was mostly dry, I took an ole Xacto razor saw blade and drug it across the grain of the wood, covered the painted surface with Scotch Tape, and pulled more paint off…so far, it looks like an old building. I have also painted the doors and windows burnt umber….more to come

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