It’s Square!!!

I wound up removing the end wall with windows, and the upper long wall.I trimmed a little bit off of the end wall and glued them back together, made sure it lined up, and I am much happier with the appearance.

While trimming the holes for the upper windows on the long, tall wall, half of the area between the windows near the upper door snapped out. These walls are extremely brittle and I have never had this much trouble with a Micro Trains laser kit. As soon as I got the windows and the piece of wall that popped out back into place, I decided that it was a great time to go to bed.

The roof is ready for installation and the roof beam is already prepped. After I get the rest of the doors and windows in, I am going to start on the trim, paint the interior and install the “glass” using the plastic sheet that Micro Trains puts in their jewel cases.

Once that is done, on to the roof and I will build a dock for both sides.

I am waffling back and forth about building the 2 out croppings due do the pieces just snapping in half.

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