looking down from the mountain…

In the past, I have climbed to the top of the local mountains to get a bird’s eye view of the Casa Grande Valley. Today I cleaned up the layout area and pretend to do the same, looking down at the semi-freelanced town of Toltec, AZ. Toltec does actually exist, it is on the Sunset Route between Casa Grande and Eloy, however it is just a passing siding.

The layout operates well, is fun to switch, but it leaves a lot to the imagination when it comes to scenery. I know that I want to add another warehouse and I might replace the grain elevator with a triangular, scratch built warehouse.

The fun part is placing roads and a little bit of greenery. I’m not sure where to place them. I started on the Pacific Coast Railway roundy round to help out with my scenery blues, however I am determined to have a finished layout. Until I just sit down and do it, I will just be having fun switching Toltec.

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