My interlocking tower needed a reason to exist.

I found an old Atlas 90° crossing that I have had forever and a day, and I decided that it needed to be on my layout. I simply measured the distance from the edge of the layout, cut the rails with a Dremel, using a 420 cutting wheel (perfect for the day), poured some water onto the area of the track work and used a brand new razor to work my way down.

Looking through my scrap track box, I came across a piece of Atlas 9 3/4″ radius track and a inch long straight…and it fit perfectly up against the backdrop. I then remembered my old Arnold ALCO S2 that I saved for, stripped down, and painted it into Southern Pacific tiger stripes as a kid, never to really run it…and now it has cracked gears…..but it fits perfectly with a Micro Trains Line 33′ hopper!

Up next, a piece of tangent track, more street repairs on Washington Blvd, and a street crossing made out of some old Micro Engineering wood ties…if I remember where I put them.

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