So I organized a contest on…

A few months ago, Smoken’ Joe and I were talking about starting a weathering contest at After a few emails back and forth, Joe and Ben at Micro-Trains agreed that it was a good idea. They sent me a box full of Micro-Trains weathered cars, and each month, is going to have a new challenge, with a great prize.

December’s subject is the basic 40 foot boxcar. I decided to weather a 1972 series Grand Trunk Western boxcar. I shot the car with dullcoat and the underframe with Krylon camouflage brown. I am using acrylic paint washes of brown, ivory white and dark gray. The trucks have been dry brushed with burnt umber.



I can’t wait to shoot this car in natural light and blend the colors in better.

Follow up….ran out of time for the contest….quickly grabbed the only tan powder that I had in the house….my wife’s foundation!tmp_24352-20151221_210346-1000235366

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