Yearly Archives: 2013

Over the last month, I have found myself running trains less and less. my Kato/Atlas GP35R was needing to be push started, did not like low speeds, and the light kept flickering. Today, I dug out the bight-boy, scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed some more to no avail. I wanted […]

found my electrical issue….

I was thinking about heading down to the main line today and collecting some real, Southern Pacific dirt, sifting it, baking it, then using a magnet to make sure that there is no metal in it….it’s raining. Not the typical rain for 10-30 minute, this is rain. Most of my […]


I got a new boxcar from and They have released a Micro Trains Line Missouri-Illinois box car, a run of 300. Now here is the dilemma, this car has been photographed across the country, from CA to New Jersey, but the number is too early for me. I […]

Got a new car