sometimes it pays to be frugal… 4

Today, I went to a local train swapmeet with Terry, and came across an Atlas 33,000 tank car that was released in 1999. Atlas had Roco build a simular car released in 1967….I got the new one today for $5, and have had a pair of the old “Warren” cars for decades…

Here is what 30 years of difference in N Scale looks like.

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4 thoughts on “sometimes it pays to be frugal…

      • PacRail

        What a disaster that show was.

        I went to the previous one and 99% of the n scale items were used, dirty, the items that had boxes were in boxes that were covered in scratches and/or the boxes were damaged, and way overpriced. So I decided to get a table for this show. Everthing I was bringing was new, not one box was damaged and priced to sell. I would have made some money and people would have got some great deals.

        I sent in my table fee with a stamped envelope as instructed. No response and no return envelope. So I send an email. No response. Another email. No response. Oaky, maybe it is going in their spam filter, I send emails from two other email accounts I have. No response. I call, left a message. No response. More calls leaving messages and more emails sent. No response. On the day of the show I get up early and drive in the rain 45 minutes to the show. No tables available and the clowns sharing a brain there had no clue. So rather than waiting in my car for almost two hours for the doors to open I left.

        My check was never cashed, not one phone call as been returned and not one email replied to. I also never saw one mention of this show on any of the mutiple train boards I view. Some boards still have postings up for shows from months ago. (It has been four months since a certain swapmeet, please take the sticky down on one board.) There is another show on December 7 but registration for a table closed November 16! (The Turkey Meet show. New date and new location for it, and new name too Also, $8 to get in. No idea how the new location and higher admission price will work out.)

        Vent over. Back to the subject of this board. 🙂