thinking about trying my hand at scratchbuilding…..

So I have an odd distance from the front of my layout to the closest siding, and I was thinking that a long, narrow warehouse would fit in real well. I was thinking about making it a sale 50 feet wide, 200 feet long, and have three car spots, with roll up doors. I plan to model a pair closed, and have one open. I was thinking about having a concrete floor foundation that is the same height as a boxcar floor, and appearing like this:

I was thinking of using plain styrene for the concrete and “board and baton” for the metal parts, and with the door being open, having a styrene floor with boxes and maybe a forklift inside. I have been trying to figure out the roof material and how to make all of the interior roof braces., other than with a jig…For the roll up doors, I was thinking that corrugated roof styrene would be perfect, with styrene strips for the frames.

Does anyone have a recommendation for styrene products to use that will look best in N Scale?

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